Gordy is 1!

Gordy 1 year

What a year it has been — welcoming Gordy to this world, watching him grow and learn, and loving him more each day!

This past month, he has gotten quite adept at army crawling everywhere, sitting up from lying down, eating finger foods pretty well, and expressing his preferences at the dinner table.

He still naps twice a day and usually wakes once in the night for milkies. He is showing signs of pulling himself up to stand, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Now there are 6 teeth — he gained two top ones this past week. He likes to use them to bite clothes and toys (not us…yet!).

He finds new toys hilarious and awesome! His laugh is quiet but infectious. His favorite activities are snuggling with us and reading books, patting Franklin, and trying to stack toys.

Being his parents has certainly been challenging at times, but he has brought so much joy into our lives! We love our Gordy!

This month also marks the end of monthly updates on his progress. He’s just babying along, and his milestones are starting to spread out. Thanks for following along with his first year on the blog! Below, enjoy a (14-minute!) video supercut of his first year’s highlights.

Onward to toddler-dom!


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