Gordy’s 11th Month


We’re almost to a year!!! He reached some big developmental milestones this month.

  • Crawling! Finally! He does a solid army-crawl, and occasionally raises up to hands and knees to bob around or scoot backwards. He has no trouble getting where he wants to go.
  • He only stands if you prop him up — no pulling up — but decent balance and strength.
  • Sleeping through the night!!! I can’t even believe it!!! He still wakes occasionally at 1 am or so, but now it’s more usual to have a solid chunk of sleep from 10 pm – 5 ish am. Hallelujah!!! He also naps from about 8:30-11am, and from 1-3pm.
  • He has 4.5 teeth (another top tooth is poking its way through).
  • Finger foods are coming along. He practices mostly at daycare, where they have greater patience for messes. He still loves all food, but has learned a fun new trick of spitting out the food when he’s done (or if he senses he has an audience).
  • The cutest thing he’s done this month is being a total ham in front of the mirror. ANY mirror! Head tilts, flirty looks, big smiles and laughs, dancing and wiggling, etc. It’s so entertaining!
  • He upgraded to a convertible car seat this month, too — I think he likes being able to see more stuff in the car. He was getting too tall for the infant bucket.

Enjoy his video below!


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