Happy Snow Year!

I thought I’d document all the crazy winter storms we’ve gotten so far this school year. I’m writing this during an ice day, the 5th? 6th? time school has been canceled this year. (I checked –6th.)


The first storm dumped a huge amount of fluffy powder December 8 & 9 — I think around 18 inches on our deck. That was a lot to manage, but it came over a couple days and we stayed mostly on top of it, so it wasn’t too crazy. I got 2 snow days from that storm, which at the time felt unusual. Little did I know…

The next one was crazier. We arrived at PDX after our Minnesota visit to find our car encased in an icy shell. Turns out a severe winter storm had arrived Saturday, Jan. 7, and we had to drive home in it Sunday, Jan. 8. Highway 84 was INSANE. A BMW nearly spun into us while we were still in the city, but the road became pretty empty as we continued east. I’ve never been on the highway in conditions that bad — icy, drifts of snow, very strong wind gusts, and people pulled over every so often to chain up. Our 4Runner handled the conditions with no problems at all. 🙂

The snow that began on Saturday continued until Wednesday — about 5 days of accumulation! Since there was already a huge amount when we got back home, this storm definitely got on top of us. We didn’t really start digging out until Monday, and we focused on paths. With some assistance from neighborhood plows (one of unknown origin), our driveway got clear. Then Joel hopped up to shovel the whole roof because — guess what — another storm is on the way! I had 3 snow days from that massive storm.

The ice day was called for Tuesday, Jan. 17 due to dire warnings about freezing precipitation. Everyone used the time between storms to prepare: there is a real danger of roof collapse when you add it all up. Since we live in a steep place, the ice can be a serious danger for school buses, too. It was sunny until about 2:20pm, when the precipitation began… It would have been a sketchy drive home, so I’m glad they called it off! We’ll see how much glazing we get…

Update: Ice day called for the 18th, too, bringing us up to 7 missed days so far. We have some definite glazing out there. It’s a good thing I’m such a homebody, because I’ve been housebound most of this month! The upside of that is I have finally conquered cardboard city, and our basement is much less storage-locker-y than it was before.

Joel made it up on the garage roof before the ice began. We ended up getting about 2 inches of ice pellets followed by 3/8ths inch of solid ice.


Update: Thurs., Jan. 19th — yet another ice day! We’re up to 8 missed school days. I don’t even remember what it feels like to go to work anymore, haha! This has been a spectacular mid-winter break for me. Many of these days, Joel has worked from home, and it has been so cozy battening down the hatches with my boys. I made no-bake cookies, quiche, delicious fish soup (scrounged from the pantry! win!), and I even cooked bacon while the power was out by using our camp stove. Gordy will probably have to readjust to daycare, but that’s a small price to pay for this time together. I will probably also be working until the end of June… but that’s to be determined, and that’s a worry for another day.


Today, the evaporating ice is creating massive clouds that roll up the valleys, so sometimes our house is in a white haze and sometimes we see streaming sunbeams with scattered showers and evaporating patches of steam everywhere.

I’m enjoying the sun as it comes, and I’m mentally gearing up for a day of school before the weekend! We’ll see what our forecast brings!



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